Junior Zone

Lucy Kershaw“Seeing and hearing on average, 500 Junior members per week, engaging and having fun in the Youth Zone is truly motivational and inspiring.”

Lucy Kershaw – Junior Zone Co-ordinator.

Junior Zone is for young people aged 8 to 12 years old from across the borough of Oldham. Over the 3 sessions on offer; Tuesday and Thursday evening as well as Saturday morning, members can enjoy the independence and freedom in choosing what they would like to do.

Having paid their entrance fee and walked through the turnstile, Juniors are faced with the opportunity to develop, make new friends, try new things, develop interests and have someone to talk too, as well as have fun. The Mahdlo Team strive to create a friendly, fun, safe environment that allows all young people to develop, whilst maintaining their childhood.

“Mahdlo has changed my life, by make new friends.” Sarah age 9.

Attending Mahdlo for the first time can seem daunting as an 8 year old. The friendly and supportive environment allows young people to develop self-confidence, grow and be themselves.


Get Active at Junior Zone focuses on young people having the opportunity to be physically active through playing games, sports, climbing or use of the fitness suite. Through the development of team sports such as rugby, football, netball and basketball, Mahdlo Juniors are not only having fun, but also developing relationships and self-esteem, as well as being healthy. Through the Junior Get Active programme, young people have also had the opportunity to represent Mahdlo within inter Youth Zone competitions and the first Presidents Cup, held at the centre.

“I love playing football at Mahdlo; I’ve made new friends and got the chance to play against other teams”. Ellie age 10


Mahdlo Juniors Get Creative programme, offers young people various opportunities to explore a variety of art forms, from digital technology to glitter and glue. During the first year, Juniors have worked with a number of external partners such as Mako Media, Earl Dance, Skylight Circus and the Oldham college to try a broad range of activities including; Mahdlo Radio, Vocal Recording, Graffiti,  Street Dance, and Drama.


Our Get Ahead programme has also supported young people on their transition from Junior Zone to Senior Zone, as well as running projects such as Dragons Den; giving young people the opportunity to put forward their Mahdlo enterprise idea to Lisa Tse, who was successful herself when she faced the actual Dragons.


Some people may think that teenagers have the majority of issues and problems; through Junior Brew Club (a chance for a chat) the Mahdlo team support Junior members with a variety of issues such as self-harm, parental divorce, bullying, bereavement, becoming a looked after young person, homelessness…….

Targeted work in partnership with Brook, enabled a group of boys and a group of girls to openly discuss issues and facts around growing up. Topics such as healthy relationships, self-esteem and personal hygiene were explored.


Walking 40 miles around the boarder of Oldham, Horse riding, swimming, orienteering, ice skating and bike riding, are just some of the adventures our juniors have enjoyed when getting out and about on our Get Outdoors programme. During the summer, we worked in partnership with Groundwork, taking 8 of our most challenging boys on a nature walk at Castleshaw.


Our Junior Voice group help to decide what activities we run, how we promote Mahdlo and what Mahdlo Should be like in the future.

Throughout the first year, Mahdlo Juniors have celebrated a number of religious festivals and events. Our Halloween party saw over two hundred zombies, witches and mummies dancing in the sports hall, whilst our Olympic celebrations introduced new sports, knowledge of different countries and celebrated cultural diversity.

Having celebrated our first Birthday and taking a breather to look back over an amazing first year, we can positively say that for our Mahdlo Juniors – the future  is bright.

“Thank you for all the hard work during every junior session and on the Awards evening.”  Parent