Aged 16-25? Unemployed? Looking to boost your confidence, social skills, and get out into the working world? Mahdlo’s Get A Job programme could be just what you need.

The 6 week programme will provide you with the opportunity to learn necessary life skills that will will not only help you to prepare for working life, but make sure you’re ready for everything that goes along with having a job.

With that said, we know not everyone is best suited to the classroom. That’s why you’ll also be taking part in a tonne of activities designed to get you thinking and communicating in ways you never thought you could. From dodgeball, to bushcraft you’ll be developing your leadership, teamwork, and social skills, all while having a great time with your new mates.

Sound good? Get in touch with for more info, and to register your interest in our next course!

Need even more reasons to get involved? Read on!

The Get a job programme will also give you the chance to take part in some once in a lifetime opportunities, meeting hugely successful inspirational people like Oldham’s own Sir Norman Stoller, former Invictus Games CEO and RAF Captain Vicky Gosling, and Olympic Gold medalist Alex Krol.

On top of helping you gain the skills you need to secure and keep a job for the long term, Mahdlo also provides continuous support for as long its needed after the completion of the 6 weeks with the option of booking an appointment to see Ali for advice & further support.

You’ll also get a free weekly bus ticket for the duration of the programme, as well as a bus ticket to get to a job interview if you need it.


The Mahdlo team can also support you to complete some of the following Accredited qualifications:
– PEARL Qualification
– Level 1 Food and Hygiene
– Level 1 Health and Safety
– Level 1 Youth Work Qualification
– Safeguarding – young people & practical applications
– First Aid Qualification
– Introduction to youth work
– Healthy Relationships
– Managing challenging behaviour
– Mental Health and Young people

Finally, as a member of the Get a Job programme, you’ll get free admission to use the state of the art facilities at Mahdlo which include a fully equipped modern fitness suite, boxing studio, astro-turf football cage, and music studio.

Over the last 5 years 90% of young people who have completed the programme successfully progressed into employment, Traineeships, Apprenticeships or further training. So why not come along, and see just how far you can go with Mahdlo. Get in touch with for more info, and to register your interest in our next course.


Alantis Davies

It has been Alantis life long passion working with horses. Huge thanks to Nadine and Gail for highlighting the opportunity to apply for an Apprenticeship at the very prestigious Newmarket stables. After 3 months of persuading her that she was good enough to do it she applied and persuaded her step father to drive her down, setting off at 3 am! I am very pleased to say that she was offered the Apprenticeship and has successfully completed it. She is such a different young lady so much more confident happier and having set herself clear goals is able to make life choices. Alantis stated the “Mahdlo Staff are amazing, caring and always there supporting people to achieve their dreams and succeed in life. They have helped me achieve my dream and without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today -they are one in a million !”

Jordan Colley

Jordan successfully completed Mahdlo Get a Job programme – progressed onto Royal Fusiliers Regiment – passed phase 1. Jordan is in regular contact keeping us up to date with his progress. “The Get a job programme has helped me to realise my key strengths and weaknesses which allowed me to focus on improving myself. The sometimes uncomfortable constructive feedback is exactly what I needed to hear as it gave me a kick up the backside to act and go for my goals. The programme also helped me to meet the officer in the fusilier Regiment which made it easier to apply to the royal Fusiliers as it had got rid of one of the barriers. The course was really valuable, lots of fun and we were treated with respect by Ali and his team who have changed my life forever. Massive  thank you !!”

Claire Kerton

Claire joined having achieved first class honours degree in biomedical science at University of Chester. She struggled to gain employment because she lacked in confidence and needed
support with her social skills. She benefited form several practice mock interviews and responded well to constructive feedback. We were very pleased with Claire who successfully
secured employment at McBrides as a Microbiology lab technician. Really well done.

Aaron Doyle

Aaron joined the Get a Job programme lacking in confidence, was very shy, did not have any clue of what career he was looking to get into. The programme supported Aaron to build his
confidence, get more involved in group tasks & show leadership. Mahdlo have supported Aaron to gain a 2 year Admin Apprenticeship at Kier. Aarons been involved in organising a careers
awareness day at Wolverhampton where he was meeting & greeting visitors and conducting surveys. He also visits schools and talks to large groups of students about the career opportunities at Kier. Really well done Aaron.

Ibrahim Chisty

Ibrahim attended Mahdlo senior sessions for several years. He was highly motivated but very shy, lacking in confidence especially with his peers. He had been applying for jobs but being
turned down. Mahdlo helped him to improve his resilience, increase his confidence, improve his social skills. Ibrahim benefited from several mock interviews which resulted in him successfully obtaining a job at Debenhams. He then went onto realise his lifelong ambition of teaching at a school and he has bought his own house !! Amazing story role model.

If you want to find out some more about the Get A Job programme, or you want to sign up and get involved in an incredible once in a lifetime opportunity, contact our Project Coordinator Ali on email: or contact him directly on 07854234477.