Mahdlo Youth Zone is part of the National Citizen Service network. The National Citizen Service programme runs throughout England and Northern Ireland, and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those aged between 15 and 17. On programme, you’ll have the opportunity to jump off of waterfalls, abseil, or go kayaking, gain new skills and recognised qualifications. In your team, you’ll have the opportunity to volunteer and tackle an issue which you have identified in your local community, and make a real difference to the lives of others. You’ll get to do all of this whilst meeting new people, gaining amazing life experience, and develop the skills needed for working and future life.

We run four-week programmes during the summer holidays, and bespoke programmes during school term-times. If you want to find out some more about NCS, or you want to sign up and get involved in an incredible once in a lifetime opportunity, click here to fill in an expression of interest form, and send it to or

Try something completely different with Mahdlo and NCS this Summer! Get out and into the great outdoors, discover new talents, meet new friends, and make a difference.

Phase 1 – Adventure

Feel the freedom of the outside world during five days away from home, taking on adrenaline-fuelled activities like rock climbing, canoeing and archery. Your team will cheer you along every step of the way, sharing in every challenge, every success. Then you’ll have a few days back at home for some much-needed rest!

Phase 2 – Discovery

Expect transformation, because this week is all about developing YOU. Living independently, you’ll learn essential life skills from local business leaders and charities, gain confidence in public speaking, communications skills and budgeting. It all looks great on your CV, whatever you do next.

Phase 3 – Social Action

Now it’s time to make a difference. Back at home, you and your team will devise a community project based on an issue you feel passionate about. You have the skills and confidence to do anything – the more original, the better! This is your chance to feel proud by making a real difference in your community.

Phase 4 – Celebration

Finally, take stock of all you’ve achieved. You’ll have overcome challenges, pushed yourself into new and exciting territories, and had experiences you never thought possible. Celebrate your triumphs with your fellow NCSers at one great event before exploring all the opportunities NCS opens you up to.This is just the beginning!

What our NCS graduates think!


“I really enjoyed taking part in the NCS programme, I went for the experience and I stayed for the team. Some of my highlights included going to Wales, being with people I didn’t know, getting motivation from others, working as part of a team, learning new skills and helping my community. I’ve since had the confidence to get myself on another project and this was because of NCS so it’s opened so many new doors.


“Completing the NCS programme was a massive achievement for me. I gained a new family and friends. I feel more aware of the issues in my community and inspired to help and support our local war veterans.”


“I am so happy I eventually said yes to NCS, I had an absolute blast. l enjoyed the social action project, creating shoe boxes with essential supplies to help people who needed them through winter. It feels so good to give back to the community we live in.”

Graduate opportunities

  • NCS graduates have access to a wide range of local opportunities to continue their NCS journey with Mahdlo and our partners.
  • Young people made aware and have access to the NCS Opportunity Hub and  The Challenge website
  • Young people can get support and guidance from the volunteer coordinator based within Mahdlo.

Opportunities within Mahdlo

Get a job:

The programme is aimed at 16-19yrs learning is based around the GQAL PEARL framework involving 5 core constructs; social skills, self-awareness, empathy, managing feelings and motivation. This is delivered in an innovative and engaging way by an employment coach.


Mahdlo offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities. It’s a great way of developing your self-confidence, motivation and employability skills whilst making a real difference to the lives of our young members. All volunteers undertake a variety of ongoing training to prepare you for your role.

Volunteering on the next NCS:

Opportunity for young people to volunteer and inspire NCS candidates coming onto the programme. Young people will have opportunities to support deliver a variety of different workshops throughout the programme.

Duke of Edinburgh

Young people will have the opportunity to further develop themselves, trying new experiences, being active and healthy or pursuing an interest or activity. The DofE takes you into a place where you’ll push yourself and have amazing new experiences. You’ll build confidence, resilience, skills and friendship groups and have a brilliant time doing it. It gives you the added benefit of gaining a competitive edge as employers regard a DofE Award highly so it will help open the right doors for you.

Senior Voice:

Gives young people an opportunity to represent the views of young people from Mahdlo working with the Greater Manchester combined youth authority young people have their voice heard and influence policies. Many of the skills you gain can be applied to your studies as well as your personal and social development

We are also looking for organisations and charities who would be interested in providing both structured and ad-hoc volunteering opportunities for our graduates. If you feel you could provide an exciting opportunity for a young person to contribute to their community through your organisation, please get in touch.