Mahdlo Youth Zone seeks to help young people to discover their voice, learn new skills and build a tool kit to help them with their health and wellbeing. Working with partners helps us to develop pathways for those who wish to pursue the arts, but do not usually get the opportunity.

We want to work with arts organisations to remove the prejudices of the past, to find the arts professionals of today, and to build the audiences of tomorrow.

What We Can Achieve

The Space is our new dedicated creative venue where we can showcase the talent the borough of Oldham has to offer. With so many exciting organisations across the town supporting young people express themselves, we are looking to collaborate to get as many people as possible to get creative.

Partners can help us to give opportunities for young people to experience the arts as audience members or participants. Together we can offer non-traditional pathways, which enable young people to thrive in visual arts, performing arts, digital arts and music.

If you would like yo get involved in a creative project including but not limited to; painting, prints, photography, sculpture, digital, mixed media, video, music, spoken word, performance and dance, then get in touch today and let’s create a platform to inspire our young people.

“Oldham Coliseum Theatre works in partnership with MAHDLO to engage young people from across Oldham in cultural activity. MAHDLO is responsive to young people’s ideas, needs and artistic ambitions and encourages those from diverse social and cultural backgrounds to consider the possibilities which the arts offer.”

Susan Wildman, Interim Chief Executive, Oldham Coliseum Theatre

Our Partners