Mahdlo Members Stand Tall

In September 2014, a group of 7 Mahdlo members came together to take part in a Music Production course with Oldham based OliBo Media. The aim of the course, part of our new Get Creative offer, was to give a hands-on, practical introduction to the world of music production and experience of working with industry professionals. The result – released at the start of 2015 – is Stand Tall, an original single and accompanying video that has already had over 1000 views on YouTube and was performed at the Mahdlo Winter Ball to rapturous applause!

The free course was open to current and new members of Mahdlo aged 13-21. Over 8 weeks the group met at the Egerton Street youth zone, learning about what it takes to set up a record label and deciding amongst themselves who would take which role, from singing to marketing, video production and performer rights, eventually recording their finished piece and accompanying music video at OliBo’s own studios.

Bethany Leigh Graham (14) said, “The course was awesome and I am now more confident with speaking to other people in a group – it really helped me, was fun and I met some amazing friends along the way!”

Local singer-songwriter and Senior Zone member, Samm Hewitt (21), brought his original song, Stand Tall, to the course and worked with the group to develop it into a professional music release. Samm said, “I had the most enjoyable time! I didn’t think my music knowledge could increase but it certainly has – I haven’t stopped talking about the experience since we had our final session!”

Adam Brown of OliBo Media reflected on the project: “Having worked within the entertainment industry for over a decade I can honestly say this project has been one of the highlights of my career. To work with a group of such talented young people has been a privilege. The standard of the work produced is testament to the way in which the group conducted themselves in a truly professional manner.”

The single Stand Tall is now available to purchase on iTunes for only 79p, with proceeds going to support the continuing work we do at Mahdlo for the young people of Oldham.

Congratulations to all the team involved for such a great achievement: Samm Hewitt, Joe Spooner, Rayhana Begum, Bethany Leigh Graham, ‘Mo’ Abul Keyer, Katie O’Leary Russel, Luke Bair Lindley.

More projects with Olibo Media are in the pipeline for 2015, including Film Making and TV Drama, alongside a wider arts offer which includes visual arts, radio, dance, music, dj-ing and arts and crafts. Anyone interested should contact our Arts Coordinator, Steve, on or 0161 624 0111.

Mahdlo Members Stand Tall
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