Work for us

Mahdlo is Oldham spelt backwards

That’s because when we opened in 2012, young people chose our name. They said it’s because we were turning Oldham on its head. Lots of people don’t know that, but now you do!

Every day at Mahdlo Youth Zone is different. There are different young people, different activities, different projects and different challenges.

Our team help young people see what they can achieve. They give them the skills, confidence and ambition to go for it and take every opportunity.

A career in youth work isn't limited to youth workers

Working for Mahdlo Youth Zone may be your first step on your journey into Youth Work. It may be your second. Or you may be applying for one of our senior roles.

Alternatively, you might be joining our team of incredible administration and operations staff who keep the building open, look after our finances, or cook and serve the meals we provide young people.


Working at Mahdlo is everyone's opportunity to shine

We believe all young people deserve the opportunity to shine. But opportunity is about more than bricks and mortar, sports courts and sound studios.

The amazing equipment and exciting activities we provide are important. But their real impact comes from the life-changing youth work that is at the heart of Mahdlo Youth Zone.

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