Duke of Edinburgh

Way back in November when our latest Duke of Edinburgh Awards team started to plan their expedition, they chose May as a month of having long sunny days. It’s a shame they planned to undertake their expedition on the Saddleworth Moors. Over the course of one of the wettest May weekends on record our Bronze Team set off on their final expedition. Setting off from a very misty Castleshaw Centre, the group made a 10km hike to Wellihole Camp Site in Greenfield. It was a good job they had their waterproofs as they were hit with heavy downpours and constant rain all day. The group arrived safely and in good spirits at the campsite and immediately put their camp craft skills to the test by putting up their tents and preparing their stoves for their evening meals. After a night of heavy rain and plenty of laughter, the Bronze Team packed their tents up and headed off on their second day of walking. The group chose to capture the amount of litter in the countryside as their purpose for the expedition, so they had to make notes on soggy paper of their findings and took pictures to support these. Our Seniors made great progress motoring through the final kilometres and showed excellent team spirit and motivation to get through the weekend. The Bronze Team was welcomed back to Mahdlo with hot chocolate and cookies before they headed home to dry msp hack off.