Get Creative residential

Last weekend, 9 of our Junior members embarked on a weekend of creativity in Wales!

Get Creative Juniors' residential

Departing Mahdlo after school on Friday, they headed to Bach Wen in Caernarfon. On arrival, they settled into their group cottages before an evening meal and fun games.

After an early rise and breakfast on Saturday morning, the group were split into two teams, who were then told that the rest of the world had been taken over by zombies! The teams were to go head to head in various creative challenges over the weekend to decide who would be the survivors.

Having made a pet rock and den for them to sleep in for the evening, the teams set about creating a song and costume to initiate their ‘tribe leaders’. Later that evening everyone ‘painted with light’ before performing their initiation routines around the camp fire.

On Sunday morning, a challenge was set to create a statue from rocks and other items found on the beach. After evaluating the weekend, it was announced that both teams would be saved from the zombies because they had all done so well! The group then left individual padlocks on the barn gate before joining together to throw the keys into the sea.

A big thank you to Oldham Theatre Workshop and our  Volunteer mini bus driver Alan, for making the trip possible!

You can see the full set of photos from the trip on our Facebook page.

Get Creative residential
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