Who’s leading the Commahdlo Cup Challenge?

2014 winners
2014 Winners – SS Aidens & Oswalds

We are nearing the end of the 2015 Commando Joe’s and Mahdlo assault course competiton. Over 80 year groups from primary schools across Oldham have already taken part. There are just a few more schools left to take on the challenge, but here’s a preview of this year’s leaderboard, so you can see where your school is currently placed.

Commando Joes Mahdlo Leaderboard October 2015

Who will be this year’s Commahdlo cup winners? Once the last few school’s results have come in we will host a final at Mahdlo in December for the top 5 groups to compete for this year’s title.

Did your school miss out on entering this year? or you would like to have another go next year? The Commando Joe’s and Mahdlo challenge will return in January when every school in Oldham will once again have their chance to compete for the Commahdlo Cup 2016. If you would like to enquire about running a FREE Mahdlo challenge day in your school, please contact Lewis Roberts-Wareing lewisrwcommandojoes@gmail.com.



Who’s leading the Commahdlo Cup Challenge?
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