The Greater Manchester Police Oldham (GMPO) 24hr Football Challenge

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Last weekend saw the community of Oldham come together at Mahdlo for a 24 hour Football Challenge organised by the GMPO, with the focus of raising money for our young people in the form of a raffle prize draw.

The event started at 7am on the Saturday 25 November and teams from different organisations, as well as young people, from around the borough played against the GMPO every hour. The GMPO demonstrated their excellent level of stamina and fitness as they kept on going game after game. Spectators spurred on the teams, encouraging a spirit of competition and making the atmosphere a fun and enjoyable one for all.

While the matches were on, the GMPO made a display of all the generous donations they had collected for the raffle prize draw. Prizes such as, a signed Manchester United Football, a year’s OCL gym membership, Gourmet Burger Kitchen meals and lots more were up for grabs.

The event was a great success. Thanks to GMPO and the wider community a lot of money was raised for the young people of The amount will be announced later next week.


The Greater Manchester Police Oldham (GMPO) 24hr Football Challenge
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