Become a Mahdlo Money Mentor

As part of the mentoring project at Mahdlo, we are currently delivering a series of 10 week programmes in which new mentors are recruited and trained to guide a young mentee (14-19 years) through a number of modules on ‘Money Management’. The project ‘Able to Manage’ funded by DCMS and Nesta is a pilot project at Mahdlo, with 11 pairings already meeting regularly.

As well as ‘Saving’, Budgeting’ and ‘Living Independently’, one of the modules of the programme is ‘Get Cooking’, which introduced the topic of cooking on a budget. Through one-to-one and group mentoring sessions, young people have learnt about healthy eating and chose a selection of recipes, included Lamb Koftas, Shepherds Pie and Smoothies to make. The young people visited different supermarkets and researched the costs of the recipes which they then made (and ate) in a cooking session at Mahdlo.

Mahdlo are looking for more mentors to join this and other mentoring projects and will be running a group recruitment session on Wednesday 9th May, 5:30-9:30pm. If you are interested in Mentoring a young person, please contact Mahdlo’s Mentoring Coordinators, Amy or Nadine: / 0161 785 4487 or / 0161 785 4485

When you become a mentor at Mahdlo you will receive full training and support in the first few weeks before you are matched with a young person. Since starting up in 2014, the mentoring project has already helped over 125 young people from across the borough. To be a Mentor, you do not need a youth work background, you just need to be a positive role model and are available to give one to two hours a week on a one to one basis. Mentors are from all walks of life but share a willingness to help young people through providing guidance and assistance with any difficulties they may be experiencing.

Become a Mahdlo Money Mentor
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