Mahdlo Members Get Active As Gym Attendances Skyrocket

Gym attendances at Mahdlo have skyrocketed by almost 400% in the last three years.

By the end of November 2019 Mahdlo has seen more than 11,000 visits to the state of the art gym at the youth zone.

In addition to new equipment, staff have spent significant time in the last year establishing new sessions to encourage more young people to take part in physical activity, including strongman, LB&T’s, and Olympic Weightlifting which has been especially popular among junior members.

As well as an increase in attendances, more than half of Mahdlo’s 4,184 members have accessed the gym this year, showing a huge increase of 312% in the proportion of young people engaging with sports and gym activities at Mahdlo over the last three years.

Frankie Byrne, Sports Coordinator at Mahdlo, said: “The numbers we’ve seen for the gym and sports activity in general have been absolutely staggering.

“Negative stories about young people not getting enough exercise or being active enough or all too common, so to say we are bucking that trend and encouraging more and more of our members to take up a more active lifestyle is fantastic.”

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Mahdlo Members Get Active As Gym Attendances Skyrocket
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