What happens in session: Pickup and dropoff

One of the most common questions we get from parents or carers of new members is, “what happens when we get to Mahdlo?” In this series of posts, we’ll take a look at what happens in a typical Mahdlo Youth Zone session, starting with the drop-off and pick-up times.

For any session at Mahdlo, whether it’s a twilight session that starts at 4pm, an evening Junior or Senior Zone session that begins at 6.30pm, or one of our weekend sessions (take a look at what’s on to learn more), when we open the doors there’s a sign-in procedure for young people, so we know exactly who is in the building at all times, and of course, means we have a fire register should we ever need one.

It only takes a few seconds but we’ll check the young person’s name against the photograph we have on record and possibly their address or date of birth if we need to confirm their identity. Our system will also alert us to expired memberships or if we need to check medical information, emergency contact details, or anything that might need to be updated or resolved.

At this point, the young person will also pay their 50p entry fee, or £1 if their membership is pay-as-you-go. Once that’s sorted, they’re free to go in and have fun and explore the opportunities available to them in the session.

For some sessions, we may use enhanced security measures, such as bag checks or handheld security wands. This is to keep our members and our team safe. We have a no energy drink policy, so these items are removed and stored until the session ends and the young person leaves.

For junior members, we run a consent to leave system. If a parent or carer has given us authorisation our system will let us know that the young person can leave on their own, and we’ll stamp their hand so our reception team know when it comes to the end of the session.

As a parent or carer, you’re welcome to remain with your child whilst queuing and during this check-in process, but you’re not able to enter the centre for safety and safeguarding reasons. Rest assured, though, with at least one team member for every ten young people, there’s always a friendly face dressed in yellow around to help.

If your child has a disability or additional needs and requires a personal assistant (PA), they are welcome to come in to the session once they have completed the PA registration.

There’s no need to wait at Mahdlo during the session, please feel free to head off for the length of the session!

At the end of the session, everything is pretty much reversed. For junior members who consent to leave, we’ll ensure they leave the building safely and head home. Junior members who don’t have consent to leave will be asked to wait in the building until their parent or guardian collects them from reception. If your child doesn’t have permission to leave, please inform reception when you arrive, and we’ll tannoy for your child.

Senior members can leave without consent, and again we’ll ensure they go safely. We cannot accept any responsibility for what members do once they leave Mahdlo Youth Zone, we’ll always check with them to see where they’re going. If you’d like to collect your child at the end of a Senior Zone session, please let reception know, and we’ll make a note on our system and ask that they wait at reception for you.

If you have any questions or concerns please speak to the reception team, either when you arrive or by calling 0161 624 0111 during the day. Reception is very busy during session times so your call may not be picked up after 4pm.

What happens in session: Pickup and dropoff
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