8760 hours

8760 hours, 525,600 minutes or one whole year.

Today marks the day, exactly 12 months ago, when I met the Chloe, who I would share the most incredible journey with!

It’s not been without its ups and downs, moments when we both questioned if we were on the right path or even right for each other, but I’m so glad we persevered. We have so much in common; music, our dogs and, in particular, a love of food. Whatever we’re talking about, be it college or home life, we always end up talking about food.

It doesn’t matter how hard life can be there’s always something better waiting

Chloe, young person at Mahdlo

If I add up the total hours we’ve spent together, it doesn’t seem a lot, around 60 hours in total, but what the young person has achieved in such a short time has been incredible.

When I met her, she was having a tough time at school; she struggled with managing her emotions and just wanted someone to talk to. As I said, there’s been some ups and downs, and throughout the downtimes, we’ve discussed her approach to situations and how these may have been handled differently. I’ve challenged decisions, but most importantly, I’ve been there to listen and share all her successes.

The ups are where it really matters! She has a job which she loves and is thriving in, giving her independence and opportunities to have ‘me time’. She has re-enrolled at college and will be starting in September. We’re working towards her English and Maths Level 2, exploring different countries that she wants to visit, and will be working together to pass her driving theory test. I’m so proud of her and her achievements!

We’re both cautious that our time will be coming to an end soon, and I know this is something that plays on her mind, but until then, we will continue to be an amazing team, learning from each other and looking forward to the next few months ahead.

8760 hours
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