Squat Challenge

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Congratulations to the Mahdlo Senior Zone members who took on a ‘Squat Challenge’ last week to raise money for new gym equipment – so far they have raised a brilliant £188!

Dave Lowe, Mahdlo Sports Worker, said: “We are always striving to create new and fun ways of raising money and a weight challenge using our new Olympic bars was a great choice! The challenge was to ‘squat half your body weight in 90 seconds’ and I was able to train the young people to perform the squats correctly using our equipment.”

The winner of the challenge was Feiruz Abdullahi (age 20; pictured below) with an amazing total of 60 reps!

Squat Challenge 1


Pictured at top of this post: Chris Cregan (16) with Dave Lowe, Sports Worker at Mahdlo. 




Squat Challenge
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