Bikeability comes to Mahdlo this summer

Mahdlo Youth Zone is thrilled to announce the launch of Bikeability sessions, offering an exciting opportunity for young people to enhance their cycling skills and confidence. As part of our commitment to promoting healthy and active lifestyles through our Get Active programme, these sessions aim to equip participants with the necessary skills to ride safely on the roads and enjoy the many benefits of cycling.

Bikeability goes beyond traditional cycling lessons by providing comprehensive training and guidance for all ages. At Mahdlo Youth Zone, we recognise the importance of cycling as a sustainable and accessible means of transport, as well as a fantastic way to stay active and explore Oldham!

During the Bikeability sessions, participants will learn a range of skills, from basic bike handling and control to more advanced techniques such as road positioning and navigating traffic.

Participants will be provided with safety equipment, including helmets and reflective clothing, and will be taught essential road safety rules and awareness. By equipping young people with the knowledge and skills necessary to cycle safely, we aim to empower them to become confident and responsible road users.

Whether your child is a beginner cyclist or looking to improve their road cycling abilities, Mahdlo Youth Zone’s Bikeability sessions are the perfect opportunity to gain valuable skills and build lifelong habits. Not only will participants benefit from increased confidence on the road, but they will also enjoy the physical and mental health advantages that come with regular cycling.

Bikeability comes to Mahdlo this summer
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